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A Winter Reminder

Sep 17th, 2010 | By | Category: Recovery

Scott G. Reed of SG Reed Truck Services Inc., with locations in Claremont, New Hampshire, and Springfield, Vermont, sends this recovery of a propane delivery truck on a steep, icy hill. These conditions remind us that winter is just around the corner. Scott writes:

“A propane and fuel company customer called requesting our company respond to Randall Hill Road in Springfield, Vermont, for a loaded, overturned propane delivery truck on its roof. There were no injuries or leaks. They cautioned us that the road was completely covered with ice.

“We dispatched several units to the scene and met with fire, police and company officials. The local highway department made several attempts to sand the hill but kept sliding and spinning on the ice even though they (and we) had tire chains. Everyone agreed that a recovery would be unsafe until we could improve road conditions and offload the truck.

“The next morning the highway department did a great of job sanding and salting. The company pumped as much of the propane as possible into an empty truck they brought to the scene.

“We positioned our recovery trucks in the narrow roadway. One obstacle we had to overcome was a large culvert with a steady flow of water centered directly in the recovery path. To avoid any complications or further damage, we placed five of our bog mats over and around the culvert. We then rigged the truck using two large wreckers and several large ‘Holmes Trees.’

“The winches were engaged and the truck was uprighted first to its side, then to its wheels. We then winched it sideways until it was directly in position behind one of our large wreckers in the roadway.

“This recovery went exceptionally well due to all parties cooperating. I’d like to thank our crew for all the dedication that allows these jobs to go so well.

“SG Reed Truck Services Inc. operates one of the largest fleets of heavy towing and recovery equipment in northern New England. We have a dedicated staff of professionals selling and servicing International trucks and provide 24-hour commercial truck emergency road service.”