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A Star is Born

Aug 10th, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I’m pretty sure most tow operators know of the star of the television show Highway thru Hell: Jamie Davis, owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto, Inc. I’ve met him several times and I can say he is the real deal. Tow Times magazine did a nice article on Davis and the show in their August issue. The message from Davis was clear: “The show is accurate as to the difficulties you have in business,” and I agree.

The Wisconsin Towing Association invited Davis to their 50th anniversary tow show last year and with all the attendees waiting in line to get a photo and autograph, Davis probably felt like a star. I had the opportunity to see a different side of him. I entered an elevator the same time as Davis and said, “Welcome to Wisconsin, Jamie.” He gave me a surprised look, and I explained who I was and how I was connected to the Wisconsin Towing Association. We had a nice conversation about the area, family, etc., and really didn’t talk about towing. (And I didn’t gush and ask him for a selfie and an autograph.)

Because of our towing business, I’ve had many people comment about the show — people I would never think would watch it — but I’m glad they do because it truly portrays the dangers of this business and the challenges the industry faces each day. “Highway thru Hell has helped balance the image of towing companies toward the positive,” Davis said. “The show has given us new respect.” I’m glad to see Davis has generated fans not only from the towing industry, but the motoring public.

I know some towers may watch the show and critique the episodes, but I’m hoping towers can turn that negativity into learning something positive for themselves and be a “star” tow operator too.