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A Matter of Habit

Jul 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I answered the company phone as I normally do — I thought — only this time the person on the other end asked if I was having a bad day. I was a bit confused at first, ed because I didn’t think I answered the phone any different from before. The customer said I sounded hurried and rushed.

I wanted to crawl under my desk.

Did I really sound like that? I’ve often been told I have a very pleasant sounding phone voice, pill but not this time, I guess. I, as much as anyone, know the importance of a pleasant and clear tone of voice. It’s a must if you’re dispatching and answering the company phone. On my desk, I have a clip-on mirror that reads: “Keep a smile in your voice.” Guess I didn’t look at it that time.

I believe this customer’s comment was a blessing in disguise, as I began to think about other bad habits I might have slipped into when answering the phone. It just becomes routine and after a while you don’t give it a thought.

Once a person is made aware of a habit it can be changed, and being made aware of it is the first step, as I certainly was made aware after that phone conversation. I have since polished my mirror and am trying to answer the phone with a smile in my voice — while I’m glad the customer can’t see me after we start a conversation and my eyes roll when I ask: “Where is your vehicle located?” and the answer is: “In my garage…”