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Nov 16th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Joan and I recently completed a 700-mile road trip to visit friends and see a few shows in Branson, malady Mo. We drove her PT Cruiser, which is a great little car, but this trip was a little too much for a small car, especially driving in constant rain for a week. So when we returned home I decided to trade my ‘56 Ford F-100 pickup on a full-sized four-door sedan as we are planning an extended driving trip to California next year.

I called my buddy at the Ford dealership as he had just traded for a Ford Crown Victoria that suited our needs to a T. I told him what I wanted to do and he thought we might work something out but he needed to know more about my truck. I sent him an old picture along with some specs. Then, we got into a discussion about getting him to the truck or vice versa and I don’t like to drive it any distance on the interstate because the truck is almost completely restored and those big, bad old dump trucks are always throwing gravel at our windshield. And, we jiggled around with some questions I had about his car and it became clear that we needed to get together, face-to-face and car-to-truck before going any further.

In order to get ready for that meeting I rolled the truck out of its shed and gave it a good cleaning, inside and out; also did the tires and scrubbed the glass all around. Then I took it to our local park and took some pics to keep as this truck is an old friend that I really hated to trade.

After getting the truck all detailed, it looked so good I had to call my buddy and tell him the deal was off. I just had to keep the truck. But, for his office wall, I sent him a picture.