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10/4 – Dispatch Appreciation Day

Sep 24th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri RoskopfLast year I wrote about how a tow company, sildenafil as a show of thanks and appreciation to their dispatchers, web gave them extra time off on their lunch break and small thank you gifts on the date October 4 — 10/4 National Dispatch Day. They picked this date because “10/4” is the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) radio code for “message received” and it’s used by towing dispatchers when communicating with their drivers.

Dispatchers are special employees who have an important role in representing and running a tow company. They must be courteous, enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable, efficient, focused, patient and reliable as well as show integrity and empathy and be great team players — helping everyone get along and lending a hand whenever possible. Dispatchers are the lifeblood of any towing company.

I’ve put together a couple of gift suggestions to show your dispatchers how much you appreciate them on October 4th:

• Microwave popcorn, with the message: We don’t mean to “butter” you up or sound “corny” when we say that all you do for us each day is “pop”ular all the way! Or, the message could read: Because when problems pop up, you focus on finding solutions.

• Chips Ahoy cookies, because your dispatcher is an important part of your “crew.” Or a Nestle Crunch candy bar, because they always come through at “crunch” time. Or how about some Tootsie Rolls to remind them of the important “roll” they have, or Laffy Taffy to thank them for maintaining their sense of humor.

Everyone appreciates a pat on the back and being told they’re doing a good job. Celebrate 10/4 – National Dispatch Day by being extra nice to these extra-special employees on their special day. And that’s a big 10/4 — over and out.